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current projects and upcoming performances:

excited to announce new dance film in-progress, supported by a grant from the MN State Arts Board. filming began in early summer at Savanna Moon Wildlife Sanctuary, featuring dancers Emily Craver and Brianna Rae Johnson, with a forthcoming soundscore by JP Jenkins.

recent projects and performances:

Fauna Fluxus @ MMAM

Friday, May 5 7-10pm

Flyway Dance will make an appearance at the First Look Preview Party, in tandem with sculpture by Liz Sexton and music by woolen lover and DJ Rumpshaker


Artist Residency at Kultur Räume, Berlin

April 16-19, 2023


September - February, 2023: performing witRosy Simas Danse's she who lives on the road to war @ Weisman Art Museum and All My Relations Arts, Minneapolis

February 16-18, 2023: Dancescape 2023

featuring original choreography and design by students, faculty and guest artists

@ Winona State University

September 30, 2022: performing artist for First Look Preview Party [Water Stories: New Work by Anne Labovitz]

Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Winona/Keoxa, Dakota Land


more info:

September 10, 2022: performance for We Are Water Community Painting Project CELEBRATION at Prairie Island Campground


FREE for youth & adults


May 8, 2022: Flyway Dance's debut duet Fault Lines, choreographed by Erin Drummond and performed by Courtney Armani & Brianna Johnson at St. Olaf Alumni Concert.  


May 5-7, 2022: guest artist in Body Watani's TERRANEA: hakawati of the sea, directed by Leila Awadallah. ARENA DANCES' Candy Box Festival @ Southern Theater, Minneapolis

March 26, 2022: Flyway Dance premieres at Winona Art Center, in a shared evening with woolen lover. Featuring new duet Fault Lines, exploring volatility in personal relationships; and a 22-minute improvisational set with guests woolen lover and Nicola Bullock (Berlin).

March 18-22, 2022: New choreography, Fragments unknown, presented at American College Dance Association Regional Conference at UW-Milwaukee. 

Oct 10, 2021: premiere of Loon, a solo project created with the support of a grant through the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council

Aug 13, 2021: collaboration with Mai'a Williams for "migration," a performance featured as part of SHIFT: a performance salon, curated by Sharon Mansur.

an evening of music and words physicalizing questions about belonging and flight.

6pm @ Dine Out Downtown, Winona/Keoxa, Dakota Land.

Jun 15, 2019: Performer with WEave:HERE by Rosy Simas Danse at Northern Spark Festival

2018 mic drp (dancer/chor.), Shindig: an evening of groove and exchange, A-Mill Artist Lofts, MN

2017 title of the unborn (dancer/co-chor.), with Coco Karol, New Masculinities Festival, NYC

2017 MOTHER (Dancer), chor. Coco Karol, music video for Amanda Palmer/Jherek Bischoff

2017 DESTROY// (Dancer), chor. Leyya Mona Tawil, The Soap Factory, MN

2017 000ra (Dancer/co-chor.), with Holo Lue Choy, Fresh Oysters Performance Research, MN

2017 Ephemeral Lifetimes (Dancer), chor. Robin Stiehm, Southern Theater, MN 

2017 Sacred Whore (Dancer/chor.), ARENA Dances: Candy Box, Southern Theater, MN

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