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In this work, I created a skeleton through which forces play. Her name is Dead Lizard Woman. Born of rage for creatures killed by cars, migration routes altered or severed by highways, and an oil-addicted culture, this multi-year project became my MFA thesis. The process included multidisciplinary research, hundreds of hours of embodied experimentation in wild areas, and multiple showings in a variety of rural and urban places. Through her I experienced the power of animist art.  This page is an aspect of her trace: the tail she shed in the process of becoming a performance. Did I dream her, or did she dream me?

Erin Drummond’s solo “DEAD LIZARD WOMAN” brought another perspective on empowerment – a deep dive into the primal self. Moving slowly – hinting at Butoh dance influence – she crawled onto a set of rocks and spoke/sang/chanted poetry-without-words seemingly drawn from an ancient source. Her work brought contrast to the program; she was a strange visitor, trying to tell us something important through her plaintive howl.

-Caroline Palmer, Big Dance Town

photo by Emma Voorhes

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