Erin Drummond’s solo “DEAD LIZARD WOMAN” brought another perspective on empowerment – a deep dive into the primal self. Moving slowly – hinting at Butoh dance influence – she crawled onto a set of rocks and spoke/sang/chanted poetry-without-words seemingly drawn from an ancient source. Her work brought contrast to the program; she was a strange visitor, trying to tell us something important through her plaintive howl.

-Caroline Palmer, Big Dance Town

May 11- in the field, near where the fruit trees were just planted, between the Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges, near dusk

May 26- on concrete, near the Mississippi River, inside glass walls, just before sunset

July 2- after dark, in the junkyard, near the horse stables 

Nov 26- the revolution has begun

Walker Art Center here

photo by Emma Voorhes