I think my liver knows

but my spleen wants independence, its own flag, a handgun, a blowjob and a haircut.

you’re so new to this, whisper the ribs,

we’ve been here thousands of years, listening with increasing subtlety.

blood touches me just the same says the spleen,

I can do what I damn well please.

we all share the blood says the heart.

finger slips a tiny bit on the carrot knife

through paper skin and air

you float face up ears underwater

I hear the drum and drum and drum


I made them turn

to people who turned into words

and want to live in the future

ink feathered humans

pubic bones dipped in narrowly

missed paradises


a pixel-stained skull and garbled 

gadgets the back of your throat    too precious

to see

and you could have seen it coming

Titanic.   ice.   collapse

a lung,


we’ve been here 4,000 years say the ribs,

listen your bones are alive

they’re better than seagulls if you learn how to