WEave:HERE (Dancer), directed by Rosy Simas, Northern Spark Festival, 2019

Shift, improvisational site journey with Sharon Mansur, Public Launch, Winona, MN (2019)

we heard them speak these paths in air (Chor.), DuFresne Performing Arts Center, Winona, MN (2018)

Queer thing: blood moon, animist offering, Savanna Moon Festival, Pepin, WI (2018)

mic drp, solo exploring queer fragmentation and physical artifact, Shindig: an evening of groove and exchange (self-produced), A-Mill Artist Lofts, Minneapolis, MN (2018)

Xx, American College Dance Association Gala Concert, University of Wisconsin- Madison (2018)


 title of the unborn//, with Coco Karol, New Masculinities Festival, LGBT Center, New York, NY (2017)


000ra (Dancer/Choreographer), collaboration with J H Shuǐ Xiān, Fresh Oysters Performance Research, 2017

DESTROY//, a project by Leyya Mona Tawil (Dancer), The Soap Factory, 2017

Sacred whore, ARENA Dances, Candy Box: Happy Hour, Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN (2017)

Xx, Winona State University, Winona, MN (2017)


DEAD LIZARD WOMAN, Walker Art Center, Choreographer’s Evening curated by Rosy Simas, Minneapolis, MN (2016)

DEAD LIZARD WOMAN, Hollins University, Thesis Mobile Tour, Roanoke, VA (2016)

DEAD LIZARD WOMAN, Squawking Hawk Acres, OR (2016)

Lady in Red (Vixen), Art Shanty Projects, White Bear Lake, MN (2016) --notice how the photographer is cited in this viral photograph, but not the artists (including myself) in the photo


Oh So Holy, commissioned by Dancing People Company (2016)

umbilical pilgrimage, Regional Alternative Dance (RAD) Fest, Kalamazoo, MI (2016)

Untitled improvisational solo, Future Interstates, curated by Hijack + BodyCartography Project, Cowles Center for Dance & Performing Arts, MN (2016)

Rusalka (Dancer), Minnesota Opera, 2016

EarthBodyHOME (Dancer), chor. Amara Tabor-Smith, Eleanor D. Wilson Museum, 2015

white wolf, multimedia project for Dancing People Company's Second Sunday Showcase (2014)

Five of Wands, Dancing People Company's Call Back the Sun, Historic Ashland Armory (2012)

they shoot stars, don’t they?, Crater Renaissance Academy, Central Point, OR (2011)

Underskin, duet with Brianna Rae Johnson, The Rabbit Show, curated by John Munger, Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater, Minneapolis, MN (2011)


Rebeca Eats Dust,  solo, Renovate: A Choreographer’s Evening, Ritz Theater, Minneapolis, MN (2010)


Re:Trace, site-specific evening-length work co-created and performed with Ready At Will (RAW) Dance Collective, Minneapolis Fringe Festival (2009)

Laoi Na Mna Mora, solo, Patrick's Cabaret, Minneapolis, MN (2009)

Paradise, nearly missed, sextet, originally developed during residency with Zenon Dance School, Patrick's Cabaret, Minneapolis, MN (2009)

Otherwake, 9x22' Dance Lab, curated by Laurie Van Wieren, Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater, Minneapolis, MN (2009)

Blue Satin: Woman, child, 9x22' Dance Lab, curated by Laurie Van Wieren, Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater, Minneapolis, MN (2008)

Mandala, Zenon Dance School, Block E Scholarship Program (Guest Choreographer), Minneapolis, MN (2008)

Trinity Test: Part I, multimedia dance opera commissioned by United Nations, co-choreographed and performed with Dhamma Theatre West, United Nations, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), Bangkok, Thailand (2007)

benign conditions, Zenon Dance School, Block E Scholarship Program (Guest Choreographer), Minneapolis, MN (2006)

Afterwake, quintet with original musical score by Ellen Reid, Loft into Theater (LIT) Series, Bill Young/Colleen Thomas Loft, New York, NY (2005) originally developed as Senior Thesis project at Columbia University; also presented at Barnard Alumni Weekend showcase, curated by Mary Cochran

Love-Love, duet, in collaboration with Scott Lyons, Dixon Place, New York, NY (2005)

My Ancestor is a Cloud, University of the South Pacific, Apia, Samoa (2004)

Robotville Revolution, Biosphere 2 Center, Oracle, AZ (2003), group work for environmental science students exploring the Gaia hypothesis in the 

        Sonoran Desert

One flew over the borderzone, quintet with original musical score by Kevin Garcia, Barnard Department of Dance, Columbia University, New York, NY (2003)

All the highways crumble, Zenon Block E Scholarship program, Minneapolis, MN (2002)