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"One of my greatest joys is to cultivate a compassionate environment of creative risk, growth and transformation. This is the heart of my teaching, regardless of the course: finding the edges of ease and risk, and inviting each student to a place of agency and growth. I work with each group of students as a community and encourage them to support each other through witness, consideration and feedback. My love of teaching stems from a deep love for the power of creativity and a belief in personal growth through community and movement." --Erin Drummond

Upcoming courses in Keoxa/Winona (open to the public):

Mindfulness Meditation: Wednesdays @ 9am, beginning January 13 (15 week session)

Int/Adv Contemporary Dance Practice: Tues/Thurs 3:30-4:50pm, beginning January 12 (15 week session)

  • for dancers ages 16+ with at least 2-3 years of experience with dance, yoga, martial arts or gymnastics

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“Erin Drummond is a kind, welcoming, warmhearted spirit who goes above and beyond to make sure we have all the resources we need to succeed in her class. Her approach to instruction uses techniques that get us up and
moving to explore what we have learned from our readings and apply it to performance aspects of dance.”
--Dance Appreciation student

“Very caring, understanding, approachable, and effective when teaching.”
--Dance Appreciation student

“Very clear on what was expected, the combos were well-taught (in a manner that was understandable and at a good pace)...wonderful teacher.” –Modern II student

“This class came at a perfect time in my life. [It] enhanced my mindset and worldview... I feel more comfortable in my skin and [have] more respect for others.” –Performance I student

“I am so grateful that we didn’t focus only on white, European cultures. It really opened my eyes.” –Dance Appreciation student

“I’ve never had a choreographer believe in my abilities and trust me the way that Erin did.” –Dancescape student

“The instructor’s presence is very approachable and there is clear, open communication throughout class. She teaches in a way that is constructive in a positive light... I was able to be my version of a total dancer in class.”
–Modern IV student

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“Honestly this is one of the best courses I’ve experienced at WSU. I feel as if I have a whole new perspective and way of thinking."

--Dance Composition student

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“You inspire me to be better, to be more courageous, to be myself. You inspire me to be a self-advocate, to push boundaries and edges in my movement, in my being, in my life.” –Dance Repertory student

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